Thursday, August 03, 2017

Get your site up to speed, or else be penalized by Facebook

Our guest speaker from Google spoke about how when one is designing for mobile, it is of paramount importance to consider the user experience. I remembered him saying how a three-second wait on desktop may seem insignificant to a desktop user (because he/she had nowhere else to go) but on mobile, that three-second wait becomes seemingly agonizing. That was one important insight that I took away from him – on mobile, any additional obstacle that adds friction to the user experience (for example, a text box asking your city when you’ve filled in the zip code), no matter how seemingly minimal that friction is, will be magnified on mobile. As marketers, we need to take that into consideration when creating experiences on mobile.

Just yesterday, Facebook announced yet another change to its News Feed: that it will increase the distribution of links to faster loading web pages – including those that use its own Instant Article format. This is yet another step where major tech companies are prioritizing faster, smoother UX and penalizing sites where the UX is not optimized. When the updated News Feed algorithm is rolled out, Facebook warns that web pages that are “particularly slow” will likely see decreases in traffic. Digital marketers will need to stress-test their sites with their agencies to comply with these changes. I believe it will not be long before this change will be applied on Instagram too.

Read all about the changes on TechCrunch.

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