Sunday, March 25, 2018

A Look at the Future of 5G-Powered Smart Cities

With new networks being introduced in multiple cities, there will be actual steps to recreate the connectivity and integration of devices that we can have in our homes on a much larger scale. While still in it's infancy, studies are showing the impact that these new networks can eventually have on infrastructure, security, and many other aspects of daily life.

The systems are still far from being to bring conveniences that are portrayed in the movies but the new network and technology will enable some initial advantages outside the realm of power usage and security.

Being to further integrate customer habits, not just by their web searches but by monitoring the flow of people and integrating that information with AI and blockchain, there can be a new level of customization for targeted marketing. Also the ability to increase data speed at public events / venues (concerts, sporting events, airports) will enable marketers to integrate advertising campaigns with the events to increase engagement.

Although the integration of these new networks will not be wide spread for some time, the testing of them in large cities like Atlanta and New York, as well as tourist destinations like Las Vegas will give marketers a large base of consumers to begin trial campaigns for wider usage as the networks improve.

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