Thursday, March 29, 2018


Blog Post 9

Google is exploring different channels to distribute content and advertising to its users. As the parent company of Waze, an application designed to avoid traffic, Google plans to use the platform and include pop up adds of nearby stores. This strategy is due to be successful by reeling clients giving them discounts to such stores. One of their pilot destinations, confirmed they had more than 5,500 drivers show up after adding a simple add on the traffic app.

Having already explored and tested the user base with stores such as Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks, Waze is ready for phase two where they will go local and offer three types of advertising charging on a cost-per-thousand impression basis. Even though the user base is still in its growth stage, and the application already has agreements with others such as Uber, executives of the company are targeting this new idea as a way of monetizing the digital marketing space.

It is fascinating and quite scary to digest that marketing will slowly but surely be present in everyday and every channel. These giant companies want to understand user behavior, times in traffic, times at restaurants, commutes, and times at work and come up with ways to indirectly target users and reel behaviors or interests into specific stores. As a Waze user, I did realize that I had Dunkin Donuts pop ups on my phone screen when navigating on I-95, but now that I understand the strategy, I will be cognicent as to how a huge company capitalizes on users sometimes without them noticing. It is a brilliant move from Google and potentially could read to a virtual reality play in the future.

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