Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Blog #9: The Working Daypart

How many times do you check your phone at work? Or go online window shopping during a long team meeting? A recent AdAge article talks about this exact trend:

 "The Working Daypart consists of the hours spent at the office. This is when most professionals now determine what they are going to buy and even complete those transactions at their desk online or at a physical location near their office. They may not admit it in front of their boss, but this trend has advanced into a workday staple."

The article noted a 2017 Office Pulse study, showing that workers are spending more time doing non-work at work:

  • 88% go online for personal needs
  • 78% go shopping (online or in-store)
  • 72% run errands

The above stats show that there is a whole world that marketers are missing out on. If consumers are shopping and browsing during the work day, how can marketers get in front of customers during that time? Perhaps they could:

  • Place billboards in office buildings or common lunch restaurants- Ads are becoming more ingrained in our society, from airports, to malls, to schools, companies are increasing their marketing presence. Based on the changing behaviors of professionals, the workplace seems like the next space where we will start seeing ads more prominently
  • Work with employers to establish partnerships- Many employers already offer employee discounts and corporate perks, however in my opinion those programs are underutilized because employees forget they exist. By including employee partnerships in a company's own profile or a reminder at checkout can increase conversions
  • Push coupons or flash sales during the work day- To remain top of mind, companies can strategically push coupons during the weekday. To accomplish this companies need to analyze data to see if a customer has recently been searching for an item and then send a promotion for that item during the work day (especially during the lunch hour); this could lead to more sales.
Source: http://adage.com/article/media/brands-missing-important-daypart/312805/

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