Saturday, March 10, 2018

Snapchat Approves Branded Content Ads for Discover Publishers

Snapchat recently approved the ability of publishers to provide branded content directly to the app. Snapchat obviously has a very video-friendly platform, and publishers have historically not been able to create the ads that were run between the articles and the videos that they post. Now they have increased flexibility to create a more seamless digital experience between their content and their advertising. This can reduce the likelihood that users tap through the ad experience within seconds, and instead digest the content all the same.

Frequency of use on Snapchat has been high but falling of late as the company battles Instagram for Millenials and the like. With this strategy, Snapchat can reinvigorate its relevancy to publishers, and help drive revenue even in the face of falling daily usage if publishers post the right sort of engaging content. Publishers have had a lot of success with branded filters, and it's possible to see how that could translate to this new medium in a similar way and help reignite revenue advertising revenue growth for the company.

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