Friday, April 10, 2015

Advertising to Kids

Article talks about ads being shown on the YouTube Kids app and how it is wrong.  Now YouTube says that it disallows ads for specific things like food and beverages but those that are upset with YouTube are saying they do show ads for candy and toys.  Either way, it does seem to be a bit much that there are ads being shown to kids at such a young age on the app.  However, is there really a difference vs. what they are being shown on TVSaturday mornings?  I am not sure when the last time you watched a children’s cartoon show on a weekend (or even something on the Disney channel on a week night) but they are jam-packed with ads and they are all targeted at kids.  To me, it feels like the majority of the 30 minute time block is ads.   So, while I see where these folks are coming from, I also can see why they might be wrong (full disclosure: I have not seen the ads shown on the app).

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