Friday, April 17, 2015

What Will Snapchat ads look like? The Company Isn't Sure

According to Advertising Age, Snapchat is pulling back on its first first ad format and rethinking its pitch to advertisers.  The current line?  "It's like traditional media -- but on a phone and with a big audience of people less likely to check out traditional media such as linear TV or print magazines."  AdAge may be joking, but either way, Snapchat has a little work to do.  

The company has stopped selling Brand Story ads that let advertisers pay to promote a standalone piece of branded content within the mobile app, the article says, and will potentially rework feeds to look like actual feeds featuring photos from live events as they happen -- name is still to be determined.

Snapchat's problem isn't necessarily having a platform that its user might love.  The issue is helping advertisers understand the value.

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