Saturday, April 11, 2015

What LinkedIn Lynda Deal Means for Advertisers

With the $1.5B purchase of online professional services company by LinkedIn, it seems much has been said about the allignment of mission statements, LinkedIn looking to connect people to jobs and offering the services to improve job candidacy.

An article from re/code did a nice job of outlining how the deal will create value for LinkedIn in digital marketing speak.

Beside a similar mission, Lynda offers a foothold in the college segment, while instantly beefing up LinkedIn's content library.

Here, LinkedIn is looking to increase penetration across outbound students as they enter the professional world, while the lack of original content across LinkeIn creates less reason for members to check in more frequently.

If the deal helps LinkedIn to strengthen these areas, it will surely widen the platform's appeal to digital marketers as new marketing opportunities open up.  Targeted display around deeper/wider content opportunities and enhanced data sets will only help to increase advertsing demand.

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