Saturday, April 18, 2015

Fun Facts in the Digital Marketing Space

Just wanted to share some fun facts in the Digital Marketing space in recent weeks.

1.  99% of Game of Thrones videos on youtube are User Generated Content.

2.  Over-the-Top devices such as Apple TV and Roku will generate $31.5billion by 2018, up $8.4 billion this year.

3.  Kik has 200 million users but has fallen under the radar due to Snapchat.  60 brands have recently decided to use it for content.

4.  In the last year, 64% of social media content about Golf happened on Twitter.

5.  54% of boomers use a laptop to purchase Consumer Packaged Goods.

6.  Women are moving up in ad-tech, 41% of AOL staff is female.

7.  Only 21% of online users say that branded digital content is "usually relevant."

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