Friday, April 10, 2015

Ways Content Marketing Will Change in 2015

Like the 29.6% of respondents to a Smart Insights survey, I too believe (I know) content marketing will be the biggest part of marketing for my company in 2015.

One of the major changes highlighted in the article is an enhanced focus on personalization. With the increased volume and depth of data attributable to your profile following you around the internet, marketers now have the ability to personalize content to your specific interests/profile.  At my company, we just evaluated a couple of automated marketing tools (Pardot and SharpSpring) that have the ability to reverse look up a users IP address, identify when you visit our website, download a whitepaper, click on our ads, etc.  Either of these platforms will pull data from social media sites and elsewhere into our CRM tool and build a full profile so we can then personalize emails, landing pages, and other messages they receive.

A second change mentioned in the article is "better use of visual content" - both videos and infographics - since these mediums typically perform better than static text.  We learned in class that 2015 would be the year of video content, so this article supports that point.  While video may not make sense (at this point) for my firm, we definitely will be increasing our use of infographics (and graphics in general).

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