Saturday, April 11, 2015

Paypal will be free to work with Amazon and Alibaba

The article "" give me some ideas about payment methods online. Paypal and eBay worked together for more than ten years and the cooperation  at first proved to be successful. However, as the market grows and the whole marketing environment becomes sophisticated, such as the arise of Google Wallet and Apple pay, eBay and Paypal will split their business in the next following years.

I think the payment method is a very important part for online transactions give the fact that convenience  and safe is valued by many customers. Alipay of Alibaba now is very popular in China not only due to its easy to use, but also it acts as a bank( offers higher deposit interest rate than those in traditional banks). Alipay works in a very simple with smart phone, with scan of QR code on the screen, you can pay directly from you Alipay account. Safe and reliability play important roles in Alipay. 


Back to the Paypal and Amazon/Alibaba, the free work of Paypal and Amazon will be beneficial for both organizations. And Palpal and Ebay's split will also give the two companies more space to grow and develop other systems. Therefore, it might not be a bad idea for the two groups. I think payment is an important part of online market and good cooperation will definitely generate margins for companies.

The article I read is from ";postID=3367066928431884996"

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