Friday, April 10, 2015

Four Technologies That Are Powering Storymaking

According to an article published this week in AdvertisingAge,  here are four technologies that are powering storymaking and how brands can use them:

1. Video streaming:  Streaming technologies can be used for broadcast purposes, but it's a superior experience when the person or brand doing the streaming starts responding to the audience, and even changing the flow of the footage.

2. Wearables: wearable devices where data is generated from people's bodies (heartbeat, gait, brainwaves, etc.). These devices are personal and can be thought of as extention of people's bodies.
3. Virtual reality: Immersive creative experiences such as those possible through Oculus Rift, Magic Leap and other technologies could be very controlled and rigid, or they could be totally different for each person every time. Even more straightforward approaches like touring a distant hotel property or getting backstage access at a concert could turn into stories that are co-created with participants.

4. Messaging apps: Messaging apps can deliver generic branded experiences that are the same for all users. Different messaging apps allow marketers to offer branded stickers and other content that can lead to customized experiences. For example, a chat bot can be created within a messaging app to allow people for example request stories on various topics such as politics and technology.

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