Saturday, April 18, 2015

Dare to Go Nude

I just wanted to share a recent campaign that we did for Maybelline which proved to be very successful for us.  In 2014, we launched an eyeshadow palette called The Nudes.  We decided to shift our media spend strategy to be 50% digital from typically between 20-25% (I know, that's sad, we are working on it).

Dare to Go Nude is a viral campaign done using Social Supermodels, Jourdan Dunn and Devon Aoki.  It was an authentic piece where we interviewed a few girls in their hotel room about the eyeshadow palette and why they like it.  Questions were a bit vague and the girls were surprised at the end when the final question was "So would you say you are a nudist?".

The interview was genuine, the content was authentic and the reach was significant.  We hit 1.8 million hits on youtube within 2 weeks which is a milestone in the beauty industry.

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