Thursday, April 02, 2015

Watching Videos Watching You

How many people, if given the option, would allow an advertiser to control their computer cameras?

A good few, apparently -- between .5 and 3 percent.  Virool, a company built to help companies make their videos go viral, has launched a new tool that allows the emotional reaction of audiences while they watch ads through customer lenses.


Here's how it works: an Internet user starts watching an ad. A pop-up requests that the user grants access to the computer camera.  If user declines, the ad plays.  If user opts in, the ad plays, and the brand agency gets immediate analytics for every facial expression the user conveys through the camera.  Ideally, eIQ will help them answer "What are people actually feeling when they watch my video advertisement? Did we make them laugh? Did we tug at their heartstrings?”  And ultimately, help them target new audiences or adjust the ad if they get negative reactions.

But, I question the type of user who opts in.  Someone bored?  Someone savvy about what the brand is trying to ascertain?  Or someone who will put on a show for the camera, not knowing who is on the other side?  I think it's a great idea, but given that most people don't opt in, I wouldn't rely on the analytics collected just yet.

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