Saturday, April 18, 2015

Vlogger Influence on Beauty

In the beauty industry, youtube stars are our new spokespeople.  Product developers such as myself have to be obsessed by formula quality, ensuring we only put the best-in-class on the market in order to get these girls to talk about it and share it with their hundreds of thousands of followers.

On the flip side, one bad product can be ruined if it gets in the hands of a popular vlogger and she posts about it.  It is as bad as having an obscene photo of yourself living in the social sphere.

8 weeks ago, we launched a new mascara called Lash Sensational which has been quite a success thus far.  There are already over 14,000 youtube videos on this product.  Beauty Vlogger Lilfeefifofum is the first to pull up and thankfully with a very positive review.

See below!

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