Monday, July 07, 2014

How Storytelling is Transforming Consumer Packaged Content Marketing

In todays' fast moving consumer goods industry, there are many marketing channels can be selected: TV, print, product demonstrations, sponsored articles, front advertising, brand magazines, radio, billboards, the official website advertising banner, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and events sponsorship. CPG industry segments exposed to several kinds of ways, and, in the vast majority of conditions, use a variety of marketing channels. But it is certain that the content status of these marketing channels will become increasingly important.

CPG manufacturers are faced with a choice: Many manufacturers are still traditional channels, such as the activities of marketing, television advertising. These makers put a lot of marketing budget, but they also had to adapt to non-traditional methods to reach consumers. According to eMarketer statistics, CPG industry's spent on digital marketing growth faster than any other industry. It is expected that in 2014, 62 % of digital marketing budget will invest online advertising banners, sponsorships, videos, or other multimedia content. According to statistics, 64% of the manufacturers in the coming year will increase investment in mobile advertising. According to Comscore and Jumptap's report, for the on-line shoppers, they spend more than half of the time on mobile devices and the vast majority of young people is spending more time on mobile devices. This is bad for the banners ad providers, but good news for CPG brands who use content marketing. One of the possible reasons is that mobile devices allow users to produce immersive experience more easily.

It is more difficult for CPG manufacturers to decide what kind of content creation. CPG manufacturers are facing a variety of possible, so manufacturers prefer to try each method a little to test what kind of content marketings for CPG brand is the most effective. For the CPG industry, content marketing is a constant trial and error learning, which is already an open secret. Just a few years ago, CPG brands do not even know how success can influence the content; neither to know how to create a successful content.

But the situation has gradually changed. Today's leading brands have been able to create a content marketing blueprint for other manufacturers to follow. Over the past two years, content marketing has several major breakthroughs and these successful experiences and knowledge will have been accumulated.We can't say that CPG industry is still in its infancy content marketing where a few vendors have to find the key to building successful brands. But there are still more manufacturers are still groping. To be sure, there are still many empires rise next content space. If we can grasp the key factors, we will be able to grow a substantial amount of content.

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