Friday, July 04, 2014

Let’s Celebrate 4th of July with Revolutionary Gadgets

Fireworks, thousands of Instagram uploads, the literally "brightest" Facebook newsfeed; yes it is 4th of July. It represents freedom, and it is the most important national celebration for the US, remembering the country’s revolution against tyranny. What revolutions have taken place though all these years of freedom? From the first QWERTY typewriter to the iPhone, there’s a trail of gadgets that have left an incredible mark on American culture and the rest of the world.
Let’s celebrate this year’s Independence Day by remembering some of these State-Of-The-Art gadgets. Now let’s focus on some huge technological revolutions, beginning with Apple, what else! Apple itself has used “revolutionary” to describe more than 30 products and features. Maybe Wikipedia could update the definition of revolution as the transition from the traditional typewriter to the iPhone. From the iPod introduced in 2001, which was the first gadget to kick off the digital age of music, to the iPhone, which has replaced more than 10 tools, and introduced the touchscreen smartphone space.
Moving on, let’s recall one of the first cellphones, Motorola StarTAC, or the Sony Walkman which made music portable for the first time (and made headphones a must for everyone), or the first affordable computer Apple Macintosh 128K which was literally like a box. Also, let’s remember that before the first Handycam was released in the mid-1980’s, video cameras were huge shoulder-mounted units, and Canon EOS was the first digital SLR that costs less than $1,000.
These are only a few remarkable revolutions during the history of America, of course you can discover tons of them! For now, check Wired’s  list with their 16 favorite ones with pictures that'll remind you of your childhood!

Enjoy, and Happy 4th everyone!

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