Monday, July 07, 2014

AB testing on Facebook!

Facebook used 700k users as guinea pig. Or were they just the A group of AB testing conducted on its user?
That brings up the question, how much can you dig into your users data. Did they have any authority to run a AB rest on my data. Apparently they din't have term "research" in their policies till 2011. Again I don't go over 50 pages of term every time there is any change in Facebook terms. At least they could have informed users about this! .

On flip side Tests would not have accurate results if they inform user about this test.

Solution: Facebook has to inform users about such test. What it does not need to do is tell who is in the control group.

Users: there is no good way out, other than to stop fbing all together. Be aware pros and cons of any social post.

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