Sunday, July 06, 2014

A better metric for online advertisers?

The traditional metrics for online advertisers are page views and clicks. More recently, shares became of more interest. However, neither of these metrics actually capture sufers' engagement.

Upworthy is making a case for "Attention Minutes" as a new and better metric to measure user engagement and value for advertisements on a website: "Attention Minutes measures everything from video player signals about whether a video is currently playing to a user’s mouse movements to which browser tab is currently open — all to determine whether the user is still engaged," Upworthy wrote. "The result is a fine-grained and unforgiving metric that tells us whether people are really engaged with our content or have moved on to the next thing."

The Financial Times has embraced time spent not just for measuring engagement of content, but also as a way to promise advertisers more band for their buck. The company has even said it could begin selling ads on a time-based model. Also Mashable is already using time spent as an internal metric for engagement with content.

The death of the page view metric has been predicted many times before. It remains to be seen weather "Attention Minutes" has the ability to actually become an established measurement for online marketer.


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