Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Automation won’t destroy every marketing job

In this article the author gives a brief history on automation and the misconception behind the concept. A good point is made when comparing the automation on banks and how ATM and other technological advances actually created more jobs in that industry. Governmental officials have run on this platform in recent elections and vowed to "bring jobs back to America" but many of these jobs are disappearing because automation brings efficiency and innovation to many industries. Much of the fear comes from the automation of blue collar jobs, however, as the articles titles suggests, automation can also occur to people working in none labor industries. Marketing is a perfect example of how the buying and selling of inventory is completely automated and breeds efficiency. The focus should be to find opportunities to grow the industry, jobs will be lost to robots, but new verticals can always be created to compensate.

With digital marketing tasks being automated, there are new opportunities to innovate and create verticals.


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