Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Influencer Marketing: An Opportunity Slipping Through Our Fingers

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Influencer Marketing: An Opportunity Slipping Through Our Fingers

Influencer marketing is on the rise in the recent years, and it seems to be the next trend to disrupt social marketing. However, while we see more and more money are spent on influencer marketing, consumers are becoming more critical about that and it’s become such a mess that the Federal Trade Commission is now involved.

The author's opinion is that we shouldn’t discount influencer marketing yet just because it’s not working in its current state. He believes that it actually has the potential to fundamentally change the way brands communicate with consumers.

The essence of influencer marketing is being authentic and trustworthy. People trust word-of-mouth, and they follow influencers because they want to get authentic information, they want to hear from people they trust and relate to more than an overpaid influencer. As marketers, we should not waste the advantages that influencer marketing offers and just spend money hiring influencers based on the number of followers to post meaningless ads without real engagement or feelings. To fully leverage the power of influencer marketing, it's better to find influencers who have a moderate following, get them to share information they feel passionate about and promote that content to people who have overlapping interests with the influencer. It's more about finding the niche representatives to talk to your target audience. This will allow brands to engage with people on an authentic level.

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