Saturday, April 22, 2017

In baseball - It's all about the story

The length of one single baseball game, let alone an entire 162-game season can be for some, boring. For some, it's tough to stay engaged to the story of a single game, let alone the journey of an entire season. "It’s a long arc to ask fans to pay attention to."

Comparatively speaking, "a 20-hour movie would never find success with fans; music albums can get old after so many replays; long books can intimidate readers." But for some reason, "fans of major sports teams never throw up their hands and say 'enough.'"

So what is it? Why do so many fans of major sports teams stay engaged for hours at a time, for months at a time? Is it the sport itself? Yes, of course. But there's more. It's the storytelling. It's the storytelling through all the different platforms. Now, digital story telling is helping "keep fans interest afloat".

It's amazing how on one hand, too much content pushed through all the various platforms can be seen as "too much", but then assessed a different way, it's "not enough". What's the balance? For me, it's in the storytelling. A baseball game and season have so many highs and lows as far as a story line goes. More and more baseball teams are capturing this in their Facebook pages, or Instagram accounts, and now, on Snapchat. For them, there's "too much" content. It's all about keeping the story interesting.

We've discussed before the importance of content. Well, here it is again. If you have good content to push out to your fans, they'll just keep on consuming. Strike-out after strike-out. Double-play after double-play. Keep it coming!

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