Thursday, April 27, 2017

SEO Optimization - Simple Steps

There are many tricks/hacks available to improve SEO efforts. The most impactful items are simple and straight forward to implement. Here are six that anyone can easily implement:

  • Page title, description & URL: A simple descriptive title and a description that includes the keywords you want to rank for is a good start. URL should be informative, made up of letters and numbers (no special characters) and preferably use HTTPS protocol.
  • Content quality – Use of keywords is a good start. It must add value for the reader (and provide a reason for them to like or link back).
  • Content quantity & diversity – There should be enough text on each page. Appropriate amount of images and videos should complement text
  • Site structure – A proper robots.txt file should be used. Pages should interlink appropriately and check regularly for broken link.
  •  Page functionality – Use Google page insight test to check if something is slowing down the site. Ensure that the site is mobile friendly.
  • User experience – Navigation should be easy with clear messaging.


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