Sunday, April 16, 2017

Smartphone and Vending machine

Smartphone and Vending machine
Kirin Beverage, the largest beverage company in Japan, and LINE, a SNS company, launched a new service called "Tappiness" in Jpanan on April 13. "Tappiness" is a coined word meaning “tap the smartphone on a vending machine” and “happiness”.
We can get a point by tapping our smartphone on a vending machine and buying a beverage. 15 points can be exchanged for a free drink online ticket. This ticket can be granted to someone using “present” function in LINE. We can also use this ticket as currency in “LINE pay”, a settlement service of LINE. It is expected that the service will be added to 20,000 vending machines in one year.
This service is derived from "LINE Beacon", a function that we can receive data from beacon (Bluetooth® transmitter for short range communication) installed at a store and receive product coupon/ information. "Tappiness" utilizes this function and link customer and vending machine.
For Kirin Beverage, LINE has made it possible to reach a wide range of people and to reduce the cost of application development. For LINE, this will promote IoT (Internet of Things). Moreover, both companies can obtain huge amount of customer data. Every machine in our life could be a device to collect commercial data.

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