Friday, April 14, 2017

Short Email

Short Email

We receive tons of emails for marketing/promotion every day. Some of them are too long to read especially for people who are not necessarily highly interested in that theme. On the other hand, in our work situation, we are often told “Be concise”/ “Clarify the point”. I found that Focus Pointe Global literally practices this in their email marketing.

Focus Pointe Global is a company that provides valuable information to companies that need to conduct marketing research. The screenshot below is a real sample of their email, which encourages participation in their online survey. The essential information is summarized in the first four lines using a few words. This type of research company sends a large volume of email, but Focus Pointe Global considers the recipient. Basically, all necessary information to judge whether to participate in the survey can be read in 5 seconds.

As everyone becomes busier and busier, shortness also becomes more and more important.

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