Monday, April 10, 2017

Disrupting Traditional Cable Packages

Fed up with an ever-ballooning TWC bill, I "cut the cord" a few months ago. I think I would have been a little more reluctant to do so if I didn't have hope that the new a la carte programming options weren't making serious headway. The article above discusses the current rollout of YouTube TV and highlights a few of the shortcomings. In my opinion the only shortcoming that could derail this shift would be if they aren't able to sign up enough networks to the platform. The other kinks will work themselves out as they get feedback from the market. I have yet to sign up for Youtube TV but probably will in the next few months. If I do so, my total internet (still with TWC) and cable expense will be 50% of what it was before. Unless TWC, Verizon et al. can offer programming in the same price range, I believe people will continue to cancel their subscriptions.

In terms of marketing, this then suggests that Google will acquire new types of data from new and existing customers (different from the data derived from search) and can then use this for targeted marketing both on the Youtube platform and beyond. Over the course of the semester my posts have been a rollercoaster of predicting Google's ultimate demise or singing their praises for continued domination but this post is going to be more the latter. If YouTube is going to allow me to share an account with five people, effectively cutting the already small price by 5x, I can only say one thing, "Google, take my money".

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