Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Selling in Instagram - What We Need to Do

Instagram – arguably the most popular/effective network for influencer marketing in particular – has made advancements in social selling including the ability for
- Verified accounts to add a ‘swipe up’ feature within Instagram stories to take the followers directly to the relevant landing page where they can buy and/or take advantage of the promotional offer
- Users to shop/browse products on a retailer’s profile
- Businesses to tag a post with products
- Advertisers to include calls to action (e.g. “shop now”) in ads that activate when a person shows interest and also follow the user to comments sections and a retailer’s profile

All these Instagram features are great, but that doesn’t necessarily mean selling in Instagram will instantaneously ramp up your revenue. Before being able to use these features we have to do the following:
(a) Find out whether our typical customers are Instagram users or not.
(b) Whether we can handle inbound message coming from consumers
(c) Whether there’s an e-commerce platform for better customer experience
(d) Is there a budget to advertise?
(e) Is there a mobile website to support Instagram retailing?
(f) Can we analyze conversions?

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