Friday, April 21, 2017

"Infield Chatter" - The Twitter of Baseball

There's just so much content in the digital universe. When you have multiple interests, getting information in one platform (e.g. Twitter) is great - until you're overwhelmed by content. Too many times, users miss content because all of the people, or businesses, or fan pages they like, take over their feed.

Well what if you had a platform to only post and consume content for one particular interest? Well that's what baseball is doing through "Infield Chatter". When quality of content is so important, Infield Chatter crafts "deeper individualized, intimate engagement between players and fans". And if all you're in the mood for is a little baseball chatter, how great would it be if you could get your baseball content without having to scroll through posts by Ryan Seacrest, or CNN. While everyone enjoys a little Seacrest and CNN, sometimes, all you want is baseball.

The Major League Baseball Players Association is in no way looking to replace other platforms, such as Twitter or Facebook, with the introduction of "Infield Chatter". It's using "Infield Chatter" to develop a far more detailed and intimate environment for baseball players and fans to interact.

Getting people off of existing platforms may be difficult. Fans will always split their attention between platforms, such as Twitter, and "Infield Chatter" to get the latest from the most favorite baseball team(s) and players. As many players tweet content, If "Infield Chatter" can partner with Twitter so that tweets are posts on "Infield Chatter" and vice versa, the potential success of "Infield Chatter" is tremendous.

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