Wednesday, April 19, 2017

In-stream video ads have arrived on Twitter

In-stream video ads have arrived on Twitter

Twitter recently started allowing in-stream video ads to help marketers tell their story. This seems like a great play for Twitter because all signs point to the effectiveness of this approach. The Nielsen Brand Effects Studies show that they are  50% more likely to be aware of the advertiser's brand, feel 14% more favorable about the brand, and had 18% higher purchase intent (versus those not exposed to the ad). This makes sense because if an ad pops up in your feed and you watch it and or click on it .. it has likely made a good impression in your system.Twitter claims that people who watch videos on their platform are in the "discovery mindset" making them 2x more memorable because this audience is more attentive, responsive and trusting of the content. I somewhat agree with this but I often use Twitter as a news source and when i do that i am not in a discovery mode i am in "give me the facts quickly mode". Either way i believe this is a great move by twitter that will pay dividends. 

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