Thursday, April 20, 2017

Surveillance camera marketing

Surveillance camera marketing

On March 30th, Bosch Security Systems, a Japanese security system company announced that it will work with Brainpad, a data analytics company to develop new marketing services that utilize image data from surveillance cameras.

According to Bosch, the new service integrates (i) the image data acquired from tons of surveillance cameras (ii) various data accumulated in the client company such as purchase history and Web action data and (iii)position information obtained from the smartphone application, etc. Then, the new service conducts analysis and suggests the improvement of work and forecast future customers’ action.

This will enable retailers to take optimal marketing actions across real stores and online stores. In addition, this service analyzes customer behavior very deeply (i.e. from product review to purchasing on site).

One potential issue would be a privacy concern. I do not know how they cleared the legal issues. But some developed countries, including Japan have strict privacy regulations and therefore the people there are highly conscious of privacy issue. Do people think that the merit of effective marketing which we can enjoy offsets a little bit creepy “surveillance camera marketing”? Always a trade-off.

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