Friday, April 14, 2017

How to gain links naturally?

Using content to attract link
1.      Identify link building targets, see what content will most resonate with the publisher of the target sites, and then tweet the content plan accordingly.
2.     Keyword research also helps identify content related to your target market, and it can play a role in identifying topics that may help attract links.
3.     Use content that helps to establish your site as a leading expert on its topic matter, when you produce really high-quality stuff, it builds trust with the user community and increases your chances of getting links.
4.     Minimizing the commercial nature of the content pages, do not put ads in the content.
5.     Do not disguise the relationship between the content and the commercial part of your site. If you are a commercial site and you hide it altogether, you run the risk of being viewed as deceitful.

Marketing content for link acquisition
1.     Content syndication: publishers may choose to create content for placement on another site, for the purpose of providing content to another site in return for a link to its site.
2.     Social media: use the network effect to help your content spread virally or to develop relationships with critical influencers.
3.     Spreading content via blogs: starting a blog for the purpose of obtaining links is a process that can take a long time, and the best place to get links is from other blogs. This is best done by targeting relationships with major bloggers and earning their trust and respect. And there are a few key things to remember when building the relationship.
l  Be patient
l  The publisher should target a portion of its content at the interests of the major bloggers

l  Other lesser-known bloggers will begin to see links on the major blogs and begin to follow suit 

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