Friday, April 21, 2017

Mind reading - It's no longer science fiction

I heard on the radio about Facebook having a 60 person team working on a project that'll help people to type by reading their mind. It sounded very interesting and I looked up this article:

Imagine the application of such technology on marketing. A company no longer needs to store a cookie in your phone or laptop to track your interests. They can just read your mind to know whether you're in the mood for sushi or pizza and get to coupons and promotions for the right restaurant. This will allow marketers to customize not only by a person but what that person wants at that moment. Of course, there is serious privacy concern here but if you 'grant access' to a company to do this, I can see a lot of benefits both for the company and the user. Instead of tracking click-through conversion at 5-10%, you can now have mind-reading conversions at a very high close rate.

Fun times ahead is what my mind says right now!

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