Saturday, April 22, 2017

Salesman Doom at Bloom

Show(room) Me the $$$

At Bloomingdales, show-rooming is thinning out the wallets of commission driven Salespersons, and now, the workers union is trying to put and end to it. As of this month, the workers union is proposing a tracking system that ties together the in-store person to the online account making a purchase. - if made through the Bloomingdales' website - that person would get a commission. This could be done in several ways. The physical salesperson could supply the shopper with their code. The user would need to be incentivized to use the code - IE - they get a discount, but also the salesperson receives their commission. Another way would be to, at the digital checkout, ask the shopper if anyone helped then. They could then select the individual (if they can remember them). Thirdly - there can be a section of digital assistants who help the online shopping process. If a purchase is made following this assistance, through chat/ voice, etc, this commission would be distributed accordingly.

This all to speak to a growing problem in in-store salesmanship. As in store purchases decline, should rates of commission increase to offset the reduction? This or the model needs to be disrupted. Or both.

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