Saturday, April 22, 2017

SEO and Analytics Setup Guides

I thought I would share two blog posts that may be useful to the group. The first is an SEO Guide, the second is a Google Analytics setup guide. Between the two, we ought to be able to take in most the metrics any of us would need if we had our own sites to administer and get it to rank.

First, the groundwork:

After getting your site up and running, get the analytics flowing. Collect every bit of data you can. This guide is thorough and technical.

Then, you'll want to optimize for search, and this guide is actionable:

A lot of what is in the SEO Guide has been covered in class, but it is also nice to see each step outlined to some extent. The summary of his guide are these major steps:

  • Researched your niche for financial viability
  • Created a list of keywords that you're going to focus on for the next month
  • Been able to estimate the revenues once you're ranked for each term
  • Set up a Google My Business Page
  • Have created some citations for your business
  • Have a mobile-friendly site
  • And finally, have a fast loading site

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