Friday, April 21, 2017

The Guardian's About-Face with Apple News and Facebook

The Guardian is pulling out of publishing it's news on Facebook and Apple News platforms. The Guardian was one of the first British news sources to sign onto these platforms, and when it did it went full force. The statement issued explaining why the change made it appear they worried about the trust relationship they have with their readership. However, it also put their content on someone else's platform, when they are likely wanting to drive traffic to their own properties.

Is the Guardian's move indicative of how other publishers feel about the platforms? Guardian's displeasure also centers around revenue, and if more publishers threaten to move off these platforms we may see Facebook or Apple change the rev share model.

Other blog posts during this semester and previous semesters have touched on Google's APM and Facebook's IA. At the end of the DigiDay article we learn that the Guardian is still publishing a lot using Google's APM, and purports a much better situation for revenue. This appears to show APM as the better platform for publishers.

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