Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Success of digital marketing campaigns can be deceiving

Success of digital marketing campaigns can be deceiving

Digital marketing channels are aggressively competing for marketing dollars and taking an increasing share of marketing budgets, diverting away from more traditional channels. This is important because it providers marketers additional channels to acquire new customers which could potentially be more successful than traditional acquisition channels. Part of the success is due to the high-traffic volume nature of the channels that can yield strong results. The problem, as we have discussed before, is that this leads to measurement problems and determining whether the new leads brought in are actually of high quality.

“The interesting thing about digital marketing is the industry’s refusal to give up. Even though 40 percent of digital marketers admit lead quality is a significant barrier to success in digital, they are undaunted. Eighty-eight percent of those same marketers say they are seeing improvements and are set on optimizing their digital campaigns to increase effectiveness.”

The article refers to audience segmentation as a way of improving results. Facebook has good tools to assist with this given the depth of data they have about users. The article also focuses on micro-targeting. The key takeaway is that spending more time and potentially more money on targeting audiences can lead to significantly better quality results and very well can be worth it. Additionally, the article noted the importance of consistent testing to see what works best and then refining for your target audience.

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