Sunday, April 16, 2017

Programmatic Platform Is Solving Brand Safety In Automated Advertising

Google's Ad Rivals Leap at Chance to Seize Dollars After YouTube Controversy

In late March, brand safety became a major issue when dozens of big-name marketers, including AT&T and Johnson & Johnson, started freezing YouTube budgets because their ads on the video platform were sometimes running next to user-generated clips that promoted ISIS, racism or other extreme subjects. While brand safety concerns on YouTube in recent weeks have given automated ad buying a black eye, MediaMath announced a measure to make its clients feel better protected.

"MediaMath views its new service as responding to a market shift. The YouTube crisis wasn't just a backlash against Google, it was a protest against the pitfalls of automated advertising in general -- the systems and services that let marketers accurately target consumers but also sprinkle ads everywhere across the web. MediaMath said its new service will limit that sprinkling, sending ads to websites and online videos that it constantly monitors for quality."

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