Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Developing Effective Landing Pages for Websites

Effective Landing Pages

Here are some of the ways we can improve our website landing page design:

(1)    Encapsulate in an Interesting User Flow:
Instead of putting the products directly on the landing page (home page), it is better to incite some sense of interest about the product(s) and service(s) in the viewers and then leading them through some kind of discover of the products or services available in the site. This is both psychological as well as a good way to understand customer behavior and their needs. People are more attracted to mystery and the joy of discovering, rather having the products/services pushed onto their faces.

(2)    Color Contrast

Choice of color in the webpages is important as some color choices and contrasts repel viewership. Due to poor readability, customers may leave the website. It’s a good idea to test the website color with a set of sample viewers.

(3)    Directional Cues
Signboards in the website is a very important element to help guide a user move through the webpages that brings in maximum benefits – i.e. in converting a large number of visitors into customers. This can take a form of a button saying (“Start Discovering More Services” or “Click Here to Start Now”) or a link to the link to the next page. At no point, the viewer/customer should be forced to move only in one direction - the user should be able to move about and discover other pages as well. Care should be taken to not overwhelm user with too many confusing signals on the page.

(4)    Use of White Space
Some websites are stuffed with many images and text that is just confusing to the user and difficult to view that website/page. It’s important to leave some white space between design elements (images, text, frames, etc.) so that the page looks soothing to the human eye. It also helps the user to focus on the elements, that you require them to focus, better.

(5)    Minimal/No Background Pattern
Some websites use patterns in its background, some others use a picture/image with very strong colors. Overdoing the pattern, image or color in the background makes the page look very crowded and takes the viewer’s attention from more important spots on the web page.

(6)    Use Header to Broadcast Offer Value
A good landing page should have strong offer and be able to explain why the offer is valuable in clear and concise terms. The landing page headline and subheadings provide a key opportunity to promote the value you offer. Having the value proposition in the place where the viewers’ eyes fall first on the page, help convey the offer to the viewer immediately.

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