Saturday, November 07, 2015

Tencent Games and New Digital Marketing Strategy

South Korean entertainment agency YG Entertainment is partnering with China’s biggest IT company for a new mobile game. As we all know, Tencent is one of the most popular and successful internet and game service companies in China, and it owns huge amount of market share. Bigbang (K-pop band under YG Entertainment) will become the exclusive model for one of Tencent mobile games, to help the collaboration between the two companies.  

The game is called “Quan Min Chao Shen”. “It is world’s first 5:5 real-time MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, one of the game genres. World-famous League of Legend fall in this category) mobile game.” Even before its official launching, it already took the No.1 on IOS free download ranking without any marketing. 

On the surface, this collaboration will be presented in different forms in Tencent's new marketing activities, in the form of in-game items, events, and promotions. For example, there are five members at Bigbang, and Tencent designed five new characters for them in the game based on their real-life personalities. Since “Quan Min Chao Shen” already has solid user base and loyal players, it is quite hard for marketer to break through. However, the collaboration with the hottest K-pop starts entirely opens a new door.

At the moment they released the news, thousands/millions of fan girls started to download the app for this game, and they might never check out the game without “Bigbang is in it”. It is such a profitable and predictable market, which is totally new and easy to promote. Now, they are preparing series of on-line activities by using Tencent's own platform. Obviously, relying on the power of fan girls (one of the loyalest customer groups), it will be a win-win collaboration. 

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