Tuesday, January 17, 2017

5 Digital Marketing Trends that will die in 2017

Two of the five trends mentioned make sense to me: Big Banner Ads will decline in use as more native advertising will continue to increase and (while we did not discuss this in class) stock images will no longer be used and instead more personal images will be included in ads. 

I find I personally pay more attention to native advertising that is mixed into my Instagram feed or between paragraphs of an article that I'm reading. While the banner ad is catchy, I tend not to give it as much attention as the more integrated advertising.

I also find my attention is not caught when a stock-picture is used. Again, I think back to how I use Instagram and I'm more likely to stop on a native ad that has a unique/personal picture then a picture I might see in a picture frame being sold at the store.

I also agree with #5 - pop up ads will go away. These ads especially, as a user, I find I focus more on the count down to click "continue" then the ad itself. While the ad forces the user to focus on that screen for 'x' seconds, I'm more focused on getting to the content I requested than watch the pop-up ad.


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Victoria Summers said...

Great post! Love the idea that pop-ups will go away. They have long been a thorn in the side of online marketing. If the content is compelling and the product aligned with the target, there is no need to throw a message in a users face. Bring on 2017!