Saturday, January 28, 2017

Middle-Aged Americans Beat Millennials in Time Spent on Social Media

Millennial Americans beat in time spent on social media by their parents? It sounds so untrue! How could…oh wait, I remember something……

What I remember is, when I was at home, I could say this sentence to my father like 3 times a day—

“Get off Wechat, Dad! You are addicted to it!”

Seriously, if this scenario is showing up in more and more families in China or America, it indicates something— that the middle-aged lavishes more time on social media might be a trend globally.

I actually understand my Dad’s addicted to Social Media. He used to be a tech-illiteracy people who used smartphones only for making calls. Then, after I created a Wechat account for him a few years ago, he immediately found the charm of social media and was tightly captured by it. For him, new media is so convenient and eye-opening.

Generation X and the older is not like millennials who were born with new media. For them, new media presents an unprecedented amazing world, where newcomers could easily get lost. Moreover, if they are not having a busy job or lifestyle, what could be the reason that persuades them out of this fantastic place?

Trouble for offspring maybe (I worry about my Dad’s eye problem all the time!) but opportunity for marketers definitely. I used to think it’s hard to reach the elderly through digital media in terms of communication channels. Now, since more generation X are on social media, marketers could also target this segment through its preferred social media platforms!

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