Friday, January 20, 2017

Success of Burberry

Success of Burberry
Yesterday, I happened to see my wife watching the Burberry website, which is really stylish and attractive even for me. The former CEO of Burberry, Angela Ahrendts is famous for her efforts in digital marketing field. She now works for Apple. This time, I tried to find out what differentiates Burberry’s digital marketing from others.
1. Focus on trench coat and British atmosphere
I found many images of trench coat and British scene on the homepage/brochure, which create a strong unity in its brand image. Also, their homepage has minimum explanation in letters and uses pictures and movies instead. This reminded me the sense when I saw an “iPhone” for the first time.
2. Art of the Trench
I also found “Art of the Trench”, a user participatory platform. In this site, the users, who all wear a Burberry trench coat, post their own best picture and communicate each other. I learned that the users spread over 200 countries and many “real” events related to “Art of the Trench” are held around the world.
These efforts could be related to “Placement” and “Promotion”, which were mentioned in the class.

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