Sunday, January 22, 2017

Voice Search is on the rise. Foolish to ignore this trend in SEO!

Among what we learned this week, what surprised me most, was professor Kagan’s repeated emphasis on voice search.

Honestly, I never thought about voice search as a trend before. Why? Because I never use voice search. So I took it for granted that most people don’t use it. See, that shows why a marketer should never speculate on consumer behavior based on his/her own habit.  Same for keyword planning in SEO!

I read this article today reminding me again that voice search is a trend now. The writer says that a survey found making calls and searching were the top 2 use cases in voice search. In addition, “60 percent of voice users want more answers and fewer search results.”

Given that voice searches are on the rise, how to optimize search engine ranking for this new type of search?

First, there is a huge opportunity for local business. Many people use voice search looking for business nearby, like “flower shop near me.” Accordingly, make sure that your business profile is accurately listed on Google My Business or Bing Places.

Second, use long-tail keyword phrases in conversational language. Think about what questions might be asked from your customers, then tailor it to naturally spoken phrases which simulate what people usually say in voice searches.

Third, make a FAQ page for your online business. A voice search is usually a question, which begins with “who,” “what,” “where,” “when,” “why.” Having a FAQ page with similar-structured questions may appeal to search engine.

Fourth, optimize your mobile site experience. Most voice searches are done on mobile devices, therefore, a mobile-friendly site is essential to retaining customers who click into your site.

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