Saturday, January 21, 2017

Your 2017 Digital Plan

While searching for trends in digital marketing, I came across an article in Forbes about things you should add to your digital marketing plan this year. Interestingly, top three suggestions were influenced by Google. 

Suggestion to have outstanding content make sense. It’s fair to assume that people will prefer to visit a site with better quality content. 

Since more than 50% search queries now come from mobile devices, it’s no surprise that mobile optimization is one of Google’s ranking factors. This will probably make SEO a bit more challenging as most sites will require SEO for both desktop and mobile. After all, the other 50% searches are still coming from desktop or laptops. 

Google’s emphasis on switching from “http” to “https” is a bit curious. While “https” is secure, not everyone needs it. It certainly makes sense if you are selling something. In fact it shows that you are concerned about customer data. On the other hand the benefit of securing a site with instructions to tie show laces is debatable. Nevertheless, now that Google has made https a ranking factor, it is prudent to switch.

You can read details about the suggestions mentioned above and other suggestions by clicking here.

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