Monday, January 16, 2017

The Talent Revolution in Digital Marketing

Today I read an article from BCG perspectives titled "The Talent Revolution in Digital Marketing".

BCG Perspectives

The article addresses the short falls of large companies transforming their digital marketing efforts and makes an argument how many companies are "catching up" to past and present strategies versus looking ahead to new mediums. The report introduces a digital capabilities index (DCI) and asks marketers to score their skills sets on a 100 point scale. The biggest takeaways from the DCI were

  1. The average digital score for marketers was 57/100
  2. Scores in video (49) mobile advertising (40) and mobile web and apps (48) are alarmingly low
Seeing as how many people use their mobile devices to view, share, and access content the second point above is very troubling and makes a case how marketers are not focusing on the next wave of channels for digital marketing. The article touches on the difficulties marketers experience in training and development citing difficulties in keeping the material fresh, giving marketers enough time to learn, and having on demand material. The talent gap is discussed and how marketers learning and development goals are not aligned to current trends. Here we see a shift away from mobile technologies and more focus on marketing analytics. Companies can choose to build out their digital talent or buy it but will have trouble with those options. Building the talent requires larger investments in learning and development as well as time. Buying talent is challenging if the company is not able to attract it.

The article was interesting and tied back to our first lecture regarding companies struggling to understand and catch up to yesterday's and today's digital marketing trends. I think the article also makes us think about the future focus of digital and how talent might be in high demand in the next few years.

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