Thursday, January 19, 2017

Online Marketing Trends

This is an interesting article about new online marketing trends that are believed to be able to really drive sales higher going forward. I found two in particular to be quite interesting.

The first is micro-influencers. Interestingly, social influencers have a strong ability to drive high returns on investment as celebrities and other social influencers endorse and support products. This tends to make sense as we have learned people tend to trust their family and friends the most when it comes to recommendations for products. The cost of finding social influencers has grown dramatically and marketers are now looking for micro-influencers, who are individuals with smaller circles of followers who can help build support and a following for their product.

The second interesting trend is the growth of live video. This is still in its early adoption stages, but platforms like Facebook and Instagram, have already launched live video platforms. This area is going to be an interesting growth area, though it is still in its infancy and will like require more testing and monitoring.

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