Sunday, January 29, 2017

Do Organic Keyword Rankings Matter Anymore?

Keyword ranking is the most sought-after accomplishment in the world of SEO. Small business, as well as giants, would like their websites to be ranked higher in the organic results because of the lucrative benefits and lead opportunities associated with this position.

However, with the proliferation of paid advertising and universal research, as well as Google’s continuous efforts in providing customers with the results directly, the benefits and lead opportunities that ranking higher in the organic search engine can offer have diminished. As a result, marketers begin to question if it is worthwhile to invest an enormous amount of money and effort on keyword rankings.

In the old days, the only way to drive traffic and generate lead to a website without investment in paid advertising and email marketing is to increase the site’s ranking in the organic search results, but today things have changed. Ten years ago, the world was on its way to welcome the advent of social media and its influence on the business model. However, most consumers now have become aware of the marketing power of YouTube, and Facebook is starting to open itself up to the audiences rather than just college students, and blogging is starting to become the mainstream of sharing ideas and perspective. Due to the boom in social connectivity, businesses and brands suddenly have access to free channels that can help to attract new business to their websites.

The booming of social media allows marketers and brands to cater to niche demographics with specific interests, focusing on the maximization of conversion rate rather than investing a huge sum of money to drive traffic with the hope that a particular portion of it might be converted to sales. Also, another problem associated with SEO is that anyone can click through to a website and leave it immediately without buying anything because the title tag and meta description do not align with its associated landing page' content. It is easy to establish followings through the use of social media, which can improve the brand's awareness, reputation, as well as drive website traffic.

However, as a business competing in a free market where customers have options, Google has to provide the most inclusive and fulfilling service, which can help to keep the customers back to its search engine. Google’s focus on the display of local search results, immediate answers and paid search ad has diminished the power of being top in the position of the organic search results.

Despite the declined visibility and CTR because of some search listings, organic rankings remain one of the most important ways for brands to build connections with new customers. SEOs and digital marketing specialists can maximize the conversion opportunities and drive traffic to their websites by creating quality content about particular concepts and phrases that their target audience would like to use or search for.

The secrets for achieving success in digital marketing is to maintain a campaign that mixes social media, SEO, paid advertising and other relevant channels together.

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