Saturday, January 21, 2017

Online to Offline Tracking

After displaying an ad to a potential customer, it has been hard to know if that ad led to an offline purchase. Facebook released an update that attempts to solve this problem, by using the location data provided to them on your mobile devices. This, in combination with matching data records across a variety of services, such as Square, can give the advertisers better knowledge of how their digital marketing efforts are creating conversions. While this is not new, it is a maturing area that is continually becoming more intelligent. Another area where privacy concerns turn up.

Tracking customers via physical location is becoming even more accurate as well. Not just what stores they have visited, but perhaps even what aisles they walked through, as mentioned in this article: "The level of precision is "almost 'has this consumer walked down aisle 3?' said Mr. Collins. "That is one of the great benefits that comes with beacon-based data.""

This could give stores with a variety of products knowledge of what each customer is looking for, providing even more targeting data that is also timely. 

It makes one want to shut their phone off, as some of these collectors are surely selling the data upstream.

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