Saturday, January 21, 2017

Google’s Travel Search Dilemma

Google is under constant fire for apparently favoring their own content in searches, which obviously puts marketing and strategy firms, and the companies that hire them, at a huge disadvantage.  Traveling marketers have jumped on the bandwagon to criticize Google as the economy is picking up, and people are spending more money on lavish trips and vacations.  Google obviously knows that they're the biggest search engine in town. As traveling trends increase, marketing budgets will also increase.

Talented marketing and strategy firms should look to capitalize on these trends.  I think the firms with a great track record of SEO will benefit the most.  With Google under more and more pressure, it will take talented teams to maneuver and successfully market their clients content despite many considering the system rigged.  I also think marketers should take advantage of users social media (mobile) experience and look to continue to target potential clients, particularly in the traveling/high income space. Those marketing firms that can successfully get their clients to the top of searches the fastest will obviously prove their worth, which should be evident in ROI.

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Shawn Doss said...

Amazing Post Geoffrey. Very Insightful