Friday, January 20, 2017

For Netflix, Original Content Is the New Black

I saw this news on yesterday, saying that Netflix is significantly boosting its original content production in 2017, as a strategy to cope with the slowing down user growth.

A few trends in digital marketing could be implied from the article.

Frist, content is king and it is increasingly becoming the forefront of digital marketing strategies. This year, just like Netflix is doubling down on its original content, marketers will put more efforts on creating unique, entertaining, and useful content for their target audience. In addition, there is no longer a one-size-fits-all approach; all content needs to be customized in the digital marketing era.

Second, consumer engagement is expected to grow in a more competitive environment. As Netflix pursues its new strategy, it will face more pressure not only from its direct competitors like Amazon and Hulu, but also from those video-creating platforms such as YouTube and Facebook. To retain existing customers and win the battle, marketers need to further encourage consumer engagement and foster a strong relationship with consumers.

Third, marketers are pursuing cross-device options. Targeting customers and providing services through multiple devices such as smartphone, computer, and TV is in the mainstream of digital marketing. As said in the article, Netflix is increasing access to their service through different platforms including cable providers and smart TVs this year. Today’s customers are more fastidious than ever, as a result, marketers must provide not only seamless service but also consistent experience.

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